Kastaplast is a small design workshop making things for disc golfers

Things to throw. things to wear. things to like.

We intend to be part of the disc evolution, not follow it. Disc golf is still young and we believe there is a lot to explore in order to develop the equipment for it. This is what took us into disc development.

Starting off with a bold design idea for our first disc, we got into modern prototyping technology which allowed us to try out ideas much easier than what would have been possible just a few years back. We did numerous 3d-printed discs, edited them manually in a trial-and-error process, and soon after we knew we had a good thing going. Then we took things from there.

Kastaplast was founded by disc golf enthusiast Jonas Lindberg and is based at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Involved in the work on external basis are professionals in aerodynamics and prototyping, as well as a bunch of other creative people. Thank you all for making it happen!

Let's Kastaplast!