Sebastian Westerberg

Name: Sebastian Westerberg
PDGA number: 82179
City/State/Country: Vantaa/Finland
Home course(s): Kivikko dgp
Disc golf club: Helt Jees DiscGolf



What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?

I’ve been playing disc golf for 6-7 years now and the most important thing for me, is to have fun out there. When I’m out on a round at my local course, I tell myself to practice those hard holes, but end up ace running the easy ones for 20 minutes. Usually I head out to the park with a couple of friends and just enjoy the game. I probably should be spending more time putting and throwing

shots that I don’t feel comfortable executing in competitions.. Maybe one day


Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc

K2 Kaxe. When I got my first Kaxe, I could throw it further than any of my drivers. I still use it for 100m+ shots when I don’t have to worry about any head wind. Feels great in the hand, looks awesome and glides for days. A K3 Reko and a K2 Berg will also have a place in my bag as long as I play.


What is your best disc golf memory?

You’ll never forget your first ace, right? However, I’d say my best disc golf memory is from Zell am See, Austria. Got this crazy idea one winter night; “Wonder if there’s any disc golf parks close to the Alps”. The breathtaking view from the first tee pad at an altitude of 2200m above sea level was something I’ll never forget.


Name one of your odd talents, or, what you like to do when not throwing plastic

I’ve played hockey for 20 something years, so my odd talent would have to be that I can shoot the puck over 140km/h. I wonder how a Berg would fly if I could throw it that hard..