Rienk Kan

Name: Rienk Kan
PDGA #89184
City: Heerenveen, the Netherlands
Home course: Disc Golf Course Heerenveen
Disc golf club: Citypark Flyers

What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?

I’m busy with managing disc golf all day. I’m in the boards of the Dutch Frisbee association and the biggest frisbee club in the Netherlands. Also I’m in the Dutch federation’s Grow disc golf Committee. Besides that, I often throw a round on my home course, which is Heerenveen disc golf course. It’s a relatively easy 18-holes course containing a wide variety of holes you don’t often see on a course.

Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc
It’s hard to choose only one disc as favorite, but I’d go with the disc I use the most: the Stål. It’s very controllable and has a reliable fade in all conditions. I’m using it already for OS-midrange purposes from 40 to 100 meters.

Slightly against the rules, I also want to name the Rask and the Berg as an answer on your question. The Rask has awesome groundplay-abilities which are always good to have on low ceiling-shots or hard turns. The Berg is unique for a putter. It can handle power very well. I always carry a K2 Berg with me wherever I go.

What is your best disc golf memory?

I’d go with winning the 2019 Dutch disc golf championships. It had to be decided by a play-off between me and René Westenberg after 57 holes. I was lucky enough that the first play-off hole favored me, since I got the distance to get to the basket (~110m), and René had not.

Name one of your odd talents, or, what you like to do when not throwing plastic

I like playing the piano a lot. On my personal Instagram-account I often do piano-quizzes. I also have a disc golf Instagram-account for disc golf purposes only.