Huntington Coats

Name: Huntington Coats
PDGA #: 88857
City/State/Country: Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
Home course: Rock Creek, CSI
Disc Golf Club: North Idaho Disc Golf Club


What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?

Disc golf is a part of my everyday life in one way or another. It could be me practicing putting on my travel basket at home, going and playing a round with friends, watching disc golf videos on YouTube, or simply working on self development to help with my mental game.

Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc?

The Berg is hands down my favorite disc. It filled a major gap in my bag and has tremendously helped me get inside the circle consistently. Bergs are a slow approach disc with a slow fade. This allows for a perfect point and shoot shot with a forehand or backhand.

What is your favorite Disc Golf memory?

A memory that left a major impression for my disc golf career was my first MA1 win. I started the last and final round on bottom of lead card and five strokes back from the leader. I came out ready to win and with the mindset of “I am going to play to the best of my abilities” and that was it. After 17 holes, the leader and I were tied. I stood on 18’s tee pad, you could hear the sound of the trees sway in the wind as we both were looking down the fairway. I was up first, and I threw over the pond and landed in circle 2. My competitor was up next. He threw and his disc ended up fading out-of-bounds. I had a weight lifted from my shoulders but I knew it wasn’t over yet. I went to my second shot, threw it under the basket, and tapped it in for a 3. My competitor from OB had to throw it in to tie it up and missed by
feet. I sealed my first win! The emotions and feelings through that experience keep me fueled and ready for competition.

What do you like to do when you’re not disc golfing?

I am a disc golfer all the time. I am also a full time student at Arizona State University. So when I’m not disc golfing I’m in the classroom taking notes, doing homework, or studying! I walk about a mile to school everyday and I pass by a few soccer fields. I will pack a few discs in my backpack and if I leave the house early enough, I’ll throw a few shots. Lately, I’ve been bringing out a Lots and a Falk to practice with.