Geoffrey McNamara

Name: Geoffrey McNamara
PDGA number: 31304
City/State/Country: Comox, BC Canada
Home course(s): Fir Meadows – Comox Valley
Disc golf club: Comox Valley, Nanaimo, Victoria


What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?

Morning – Putting routine 100-200 practice putts various distances (after coffee).

Afternoon – Midrange/Approach – Field work; Alternating days.

Practice rounds daily when able.


I am RHBH primarily, with RHFH tendencies. I practice both regularly, on and off the course. One round could be nothing but forehand from the tee, or, nothing but anhyzer back hand from the tee regardless of the line. Sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to get out of trouble when things go sideways. Valuable skills to have so I practice them frequently. If I am participating in a doubles match, all bets are off as to what I may or may not practice. For instance, I will throw the most ridiculous shots just to see if I can do it. You never know when these skills will be needed. It’s a constant love/hate relationship for those that get me as a doubles partner. HA!


Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc

My favourite disc is the Kaxe, followed closely by the Reko. In my opinion, the Kaxe is the best midrange driver on the market. Control, glide, feel in the hand – Nothing compares to it, more so when it becomes beat in, or “seasoned”. When the Kaxe came onto the scene, I removed my other brand fairway drivers, and midrange discs, and have never looked back. I now carry 3-4 in my bag at all times in various condition to further refine my control game out to 350′.


If I find myself within 250-300’, on a course with lots of straight/left to right fairways, Reko is my go to disc for controlled placement shots that require a “middle of the fairway finish”. The amount of control with the Reko, is truly amazing. I carry four in my bag. Two throwers, two putters, in various condition. Great for anhyzer forehands, back hand hyzer, and oddly enough, grenades.


What is your best disc golf memory?

What comes to mind first, is being asked to be a part of Team Kastaplast, and then having my face on my GMAC tour discs. That is the obvious answer. I am proud to play for Kastaplast, and do all I can to make the company proud that I am a part of the team.


The not so obvious answer, is seeing all the work I have done in various communities to build/design disc golf courses, instructing new players through clinics or one-on-one sessions, and as a result, have those men and women grow the sport and disc golf community in their areas and see their newly acquired skills propel their game to new levels. I find it highly satisfying to speak with a new player, give them a small piece of information, and watch them have that “Ah ha!” moment.


Name one of your odd talents, or, what you like to do when not throwing plastic

One of my non disc golf related talents, portrait photography, especially B&W. I enjoy being able to spend time with people, and get inside their head. One of the hardest things I have had to learn, is photojournalistic images, relating to portraiture. Being able to define a person in a single image is an ongoing challenge, and one that I enjoy thoroughly (team portrait included). This is likely what I am best known for outside of disc golf, and I take a great deal of pride in doing it well. Humbly of course. Outside of that, I am a Gypsy at heart. I can drive incredibly long distances and never become bored with the journey. Especially if there is a disc golf course at the end of it 😉