Fredrik Lindberg

Name: Fredrik Lindberg
PDGA: 45412
City/State/Country: Stockholm, Sweden
Home courses: Järva discgolfpark
Disc golf club: JDGC



What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?

I can often be spotted at Järva discgolfpark in the evenings. It’s a huge privilege to have one of the nicest courses in the world between home and work. I usually hook up with someone for 18 holes. I do have problems staying focused playing on my own, but I guess there is some value in developing crazy trick shots as well. I take part in the clubs weekly competitions and I’m helping to train the clubs juniors once in the week. I do have some names you will have to look out for in the future.


Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc

Berg in K2 plastic. If you like to throw controlled powerdrives with putters, there is nothing like this disc. It perfectly fits my hand and the plastic is consistent and grippy in all weather conditions. It follows any release line, and it laughs at headwind.


What is your best disc golf memory?

Not sure, perfect summer nights at Järva comes to mind. For me the greatest value with disc golf is the therapeutic part of it. Every disc golfer knows what I’m talking about. The sport has absolutely helped me managing downs in life.


Name one of your odd talents (non disc golf)

Fitfth place in the world championship in pinball 2007. Two silver medals in the Swedish championships as well. Do I have to say more? Rest my case 😉