Danne Johansson

Name: Danne Johansson
Pdga number: 52409
City/State/Country: Västerhaninge
Home course: Västerhaninge discgolf Course (course designer)
Disc golf club: Stockholm Disc Golf Club.


What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?
I’m trying to play at least 3-5 rounds every week. Me and a good friend has designed Västerhaninge Discgolf course so that takes some time to work on and develop.

Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc?
My favorite discs are K1 Soft Berg for approach shots and I also like Lots. Tons of glide and feels great in your hand.

What is your favorite disc golf memory?
My best Discgolf memory has to be a skins game in Tyresö. Played really well and I made 3 aces on that round; Hole 4 Berg, hole 12 Grym, hole 14 Berg.
One of my favorite tournaments/course is in Germany the Chili open and I have won 2 times in the master division so that’s has to be my best tournament memory’s.

Name one of your old talents, or, what you like to do when not throwing plastic.
Odd Talents hmm. Well my talent has to be my heart for the sport. I really love to play and to design and build courses. Tyresö Discgolf course was the first course that I was one of the guys who developed and I love it. Probably one of the best Discgolf course for beginners. Västerhaninge Discgolf course is my home course and me and a friend of mine has designed it and together with club members we have made a really good course I’ll think. And that takes a lot of time and you always want to do it better and better.