Rienk Kan

Name: Rienk Kan
PDGA #89184
City: Heerenveen, the Netherlands
Home course: Disc Golf Course Heerenveen
Disc golf club: Citypark Flyers

What does your everyday disc golf routine look like?

Right now I don’t have a job, so I’m able to play a lot. I also live very close to a course, so I’m going full practice mode these days. Now I know the course well, I mostly tee twice or three times, with at least one backhand and one sidearm. Often challenging myself to take different lines than in a tournament. Besides that I’m running a lot lately. I have been doing athletics for a huge part of my life, but I didn’t do the longer running events. Time to build some stamina.

Also I’m busy with managing disc golf all day. I’m in the boards of the Dutch Frisbee association and the biggest frisbee club in the Netherlands. Also I’m in the Dutch federation’s Grow disc golf Committee. Besides that, I will be TD and host of the Dutch Championships of 2020, which is going to be sponsored by Kastaplast.

Tell us about your favorite Kastaplast disc

Kastaplast really differs from other brands by the combination of great plastic and a small line-up. The fact that this small line-up also contains two really unique discs, in the shapes of the Berg and the Rask, makes me love Kastaplast.

Both Berg and Rask can handle loads of power and are very reliable in flight pattern. The Berg always connects to the surface early and is great for upshots. The Rask I use a lot for big hooks and hucks. It even comes in with the best skips you can imagine on less rougher terrain. And man, I love to skip a disc!

What is your best disc golf memory?

The best memory I have is obviously my Dutch title in the open category in 2019. I was feeling well, and my game was on. During the first round of the first day, my putting lacked accuracy. Therefore I switched to straddle stance. This change I kept for the next 54 holes, and my putting became one of my best parts of the game. I overcame a 4-stroke deficit, and made it to a play-off. The first play-off hole was very favourable to me in terms of distance (115m). After I parked my drive on 6m and my opponent went long on his 25m throw-in attempt and missed his comeback putt, I knew victory was mine.

Name one of your odd talents, or, what you like to do when not throwing plastic

I like playing the piano a lot, I sometimes even do it blindfolded.

Photographer: Cindy Friedman at the Dutch Championships in Zoetermeer 2018